The World Transformation Movement Whangarei Centre was established by Doug Gibbs in appreciation of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s world-transforming scientific explanation of the human condition, and the extraordinary insight it brings to human behaviour—see

The Whangarei Centre is the second WTM Centre to open in New Zealand and feels privileged to be a part of the WTM’s ever-expanding global network of support!

“The information in FREEDOM and the work of the WTM is providing the answers—it’s actually providing the cure for everything that is destroying our planet.” Doug Gibbs

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Doug Gibbs holds a Bachelor of Business Studies in Agribusiness from Massey University and a Master’s in Counselling, with First Class Honours, from Waikato University. A member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors, Doug has worked as counsellor and is presently Head of Student Support at a secondary boys’ school in Northland.

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  • “Explaining the human condition means future generations of adolescents will never again have to resign to a life of soul-deadening, dishonest, alienated blackout.”

    Jeremy Griffith
    Biologist & author

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  • FREEDOM resurrects the deep all-important questions of life—questions we all once asked when we were children—and for the first time in millions of years, ANSWERS THEM!”

    Dr Karen Riley
    WTM Toronto, Canada

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  • “I have no doubt Jeremy Griffith’s biological explanation of the human condition is the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race”

    Prof. Harry Prosen
    Former President of the
    Canadian Psychiatric Assoc.

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  • “After nearly 40 years working in psychiatry, NOW I find the instruction book and it’s Free! A must read for every homo sapien. Nailed it Jeremy Griffith!”

    Colleen Fryar
    Psychiatric nurse & WTM Ballarat, Melbourne member

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  • “I find it heartbreaking that there are so many teenagers in deep despair. It’s great to have a way of normalising what they are going through so that they don’t feel they are going mad.”

    Julie Parmenter
    Psychotherapist & WTM Athlone, Ireland founder

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  • “As a child I was always asking “why” but no one was able to provide me with satisfying answers…these understandings will answer all your why’s and will save your life as it did mine.”

    Nikola Tsivoglou
    WTM Melbourne, Australia member

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MUST, MUST WATCH: Craig Conway, the acclaimed British actor, writer, producer and broadcaster — and the founder of WTM North East England Centre — has brought all his skills to bear to produce the ideal introduction to Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition in this absolutely astonishing, world-changing and world-saving interview with Jeremy. It’s called ‘THE’ Interview because in it Jeremy gives such a concise and accessible summary of his world-saving explanation of the human condition that it’s nothing less than the most important interview of all time!

  • FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition

    FREEDOM is the definitive presentation of the biological explanation of the human condition needed for the complete understanding of human behaviour and the ultimate amelioration of all the underlying psychosis in human life.

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“Having read the understanding of the human condition in FREEDOM means all the issues that come to me in a counselling situation or through watching the world around me—questions as to why we’re behaving the way we do—have been answered.” Doug Gibbs

“I don’t care what question you have, this book will answer it.” Goodreads review of FREEDOM

“Jeremy Griffith is a hero! Thank you so much. FREEDOM has been great, it has helped my children understand the contradictions in the world and themselves better, and helped them feel more secure and less fearful. I recommend this book highly to all mothers.” Amazon review of FREEDOM



Alongside the original WTM Centre in Sydney, Australia, World Transformation Movement Centres are being established around the world to help bring to everyone the now desperately needed all-relieving and all-explaining biological understanding of the underlying issue in all of human life of our troubled human condition.

Visit the WTM’s Transformation page to learn more about the formation of these Centres. You can access the following examples of WTM Centre websites by clicking on their images below.

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May 2022

When thinking about what I might write in this post I was reminded of a book I read about 15 years ago called Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight by Thom Hartman (Publication date 27 Apr 2004. Publisher Random House USA Inc). In this book Hartman discusses the effects of human activity on the environment and what can be done to turn things around. There is one chapter which intrigued me when I read it, and it was about giving the power back to the women. He describes how we mostly lived in matriarchal societies until a certain point where patriarchal control took over and up until this point humans had lived in harmony with each other.

While Hartman believes that it is the lack of aggression and a more caring ethos of a matriarchal society that would enable us to heal the planet, it is only with the information that Jeremy Griffith provides in FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition we can understand what was so important about matriarchal dominance. At the core of this was nurturing and how nurturing was the origin of our unconditionally selfless and moral instinctive soul (refer to FREEDOM, Chapter 5.4 Love-Indoctrination).

The Bonobo species of ape are a living example of a matriarchal society and are close to completing the love-indoctrination process (see FREEDOM, Chapter 5.6). Bonobos give us a glimpse into our past and our instinctive knowledge that we once lived in a ‘Garden of Eden’. (FREEDOM, Chapter 5.2).

Once the world does catch on that the human condition has been explained, human society will change its focus from a selfish, must-win, egocentric, competitive framework to a selfless, cooperative, loving framework, where nurturing offspring will play a vital role, and a fabulous human condition free world will emerge.

Matata and Madonna

March 2022

While doing some reading about a therapeutic modality related to my work I came across some interesting quotes which I believe are relevant to the work of The World Transformation Movement which was formed to support and disseminate the work of biologist Jeremy Griffith. Like any group it fought through many challenges to gain wider acceptance but now there are over 50 centres around the world all supporting this seminal work. Sometimes it feels like it will be impossible to save this world before catastrophe ends it all. Thankfully I seem to find that at moments like these something will suddenly pop up which reassures me that it can be done.

“What you are, the world is. And without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world.” (J Krishnamurti). Jeremy also explains the situation perfectly in FAQ 1.40 Aren’t the problems of the world too overwhelming to ever be fixed? on the WTM’s website.

In the WTM we speak about the Transformed Lifeforce State and it is something we all desire to get to. By moving towards this state we set an example for others to follow and hence the transformation of the human race.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead). You can read more about or watch videos on the Transformation page of the WTM website.

Every great change in history has started with a tiny group of people believing in a cause (read about the History of the WTM). The WTM is no different, however in this instance the cause is the most important ever as the rapid growth in support attests to. There is no other cause that is capable of transforming mankind in my opinion. Everything else offers only temporary relief from the pain of the Human Condition.

Free At Last, by Jeremy Griffith

January 2022

We received the christmas gift of a lovely book called The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse, written by Charlie Mackesy. (Ebury Press in 2019.) In it the boy asks questions about life as he wanders the countryside with Fox, the Mole and the Horse.

These appear to be questions that the author himself has asked and are the same questions that have led many of us to the WTM. The search for answers that no one seemed to be able to truly explain sent me on a life long search that only ended when I stumbled upon the work of Jeremy Griffith and in particular his book FREEDOM, The End of the Human Condition.

Until then, I was filled with all the usual stuff from parents, schools, universities and the news media. None of which gave any satisfactory explanations of what is actually going on. We chase knowledge to enable us to pursue careers which are supposed to fulfil us somehow but never do.

There is a brilliant rhetorical question asked by the Boy as he is chatting to the Mole; ‘I wonder if there is a school of unlearning?’ Two million years of resigned thinking is brilliantly captured in this one question. Wouldn’t we all love to go to a school of unlearning and shed ourselves of the once necessary but now obsolete and completely defended resigned thinking so we can move joyously into a denial free, compassionate, understanding, new world?

Front cover of The Book of REAL Answers to Everything, by Jeremy Griffith

November 2021

Yesterday I read Freedom Essay 42 which seemed quite poignant given the behaviour I have been witnessing and experiencing around me over the past few weeks. In this essay we can observe how sensitive our ancestors were to the world around them. When I step back and reflect, it becomes patently obvious that we have become so upset that we have become estranged from the world around us.

“The reason this extraordinary sensitivity has been lost is because when our mind becomes preoccupied with upset, as it did under the duress of the human condition, it loses the ability to take an interest in anything else.” F. Essay 42, p3.

I suspect there are very few humans left who are anywhere near in tune with the natural world as our ancient ancestors were. Those few groups that were, such as the Bushmen of Africa, have largely been dispossessed of their lands or lifestyles by dominant cultures.

With upset at terminal levels many people around me are flailing desperately against authority as they seek relief and answers under the name of fighting for freedom. At some stage in the near future I am holding out hope that the freedom they seek will be true freedom and that is, freedom from the human condition. Then at last we can return to a world of sensitivity in tune with our surroundings.

A drawing of fighting rhinos from the Chauvet Cave in France

A drawing of fighting rhinos from the Chauvet Cave

September 2021

For my birthday this year my stepdaughter gave me the gift of a subscription to Story Worth. Each week she chooses a question and I write a story about that. One of the questions was, 'What song has the strongest memory for you?'

This question would take a book in itself as there are so many. As I began to write I realised that one Album in particular has remained a firm favourite. It is only in writing this story with an understanding of the Human Condition that I realised why this album meant so much to me at the time and for the following 47 years after I bought it. It actually puts words to what I was feeling in my adolescence and continued to do so until a few years ago when I stumbled upon Jeremy Griffiths work after a lifetime of searching for answers.

I thought I would post this story to describe my experience.

What song has the strongest memory for you? What a question!

How do I choose the song with the strongest memories when there are dozens? My life has taken so many twists and turns over the years and there is usually a song that can immediately take me to a memory. As the saying goes; there is a soundtrack to my life. There are songs that are burned into my memory because they spoke about the strong emotions I was feeling, or the tough times, but also the many good times.

Which individual song would I choose? Actually this is an impossible task because music has been such an important part of my life from about the age of nine or ten. Some songs have been forgotten until they are heard somewhere and memories are triggered, while others spring to mind whenever I think of an event or experience some emotion.

Initially I thought I would write about several songs or albums but once I got going on this one I decided that it was a story on its own. I could write long stories on several more because of the memories they invoke about some very big changes in my life. Perhaps that is for another day.

Quadrophenia - The Who.

I bought this double album while in Auckland to see Elton John in 1974 as I was already a big Who fan. Playing it again recently made me realise how much it still speaks about when I was young and struggling to understand the behaviour of adults and the world around me. Of having absolutely no idea who I was. Of wanting to go away to get distance between me and the family dynamics which were often very stressful. About putting on a face and being a 'good boy' while dying inside because I wasn't able to express what I really felt.

"Can you see the real me...can ya...can ya?"

Feeling like everyone else's parents were somehow cooler than mine.

"The kids at school have parents that seem so cool. Although I don't want to hurt them, mine won't be their way."

The struggle to 'fit in' which stayed with me until well into my forties. Doing ok but never feeling I belonged in the 'cool groups'.

"Why should I care if I have to cut my hair? I got to move with the fashion, or be outcast." "Why do I have to be different to them?"

All these words resonated powerfully with me. Pete Townsend was writing about Mods in the sixties and in particular one boy struggling to fit in. He could have been writing about me while he is also speaking about generations of young people trying to make sense of things.

'The Punk and the Godfather' song makes no bones about what society is doing to mold young people to fit in with cultural expectations and although we push against it, eventually society will win the day.

Throughout my life I have wondered if there was something wrong with me in that I questioned so much, I didn't seem to see what most others did, that I wasn't comfortable getting drunk for the sake of it, I didn't want to chase girls, I couldn't work out what I wanted to do with my life, I never wanted to climb over others to get to the 'top', I seemed to lack the ambition that was expected, and yet I kept up an exterior of conformity that never felt quite comfortable.

"Is it in my head? Is it in my head or in my heart?"

I struggled with this for decades actually and have probably only just come to some answers in the past few years. I must have been hard to live with at times as I spent so many hours inside that head of mine trying to figure it all out. So much of what was going on in the world seemed like utter madness. (It still does!).

In 'Sea and Sand' the lines "My dad couldn't stand on two feet, while he lectured about morality" are haunting in many ways.

While alcohol wasn't an issue in our house, I always questioned the lecturing on morality when I could see the hypocrisy of it all. I hated it and still do, although I now understand what it is all about and because of that feel much calmer.

As the album moves into the last few songs these words express the lifelong search for some peace and an end to the frustration that I could not seem to find.

"Let me be stormy, let me be calm. Let the tide in and set me free."

This restlessness, unease and frustration has always been about some inner longing for some answers and it was something I could never talk about as most people didn't want to go there. Even now I find most adults avoid this stuff at all costs.

That's when you start to believe there is something wrong with you. It's not as though I had to do anything radical to deal with it but it just sat beneath the surface as a restlessness and frustration which I often resented because it wouldn't go away. That sense of frustration was sometimes rather intense and I often just wanted to go somewhere and yell at everything in complete exasperation.

However the final song on the album offered hope that it would all be ok in the end.

"Love reign o'er me.
Rain o'er me
Love reign o'er me
Rain o'er me
Rain o'er me."

Love does prevail in the end and of that I have no doubt.

Often when I listen to different albums and songs I will think of how much I like them for how they impacted on me, yet I always come back to Quadrophenia as the album that would be my Number one best album. It never fails to draw me into listening to the whole thing. It just shows how much it has resonated with me through my life and it is only now as I look back that I really understand why it did and how it did. Fantastic album!

(Now that the reason for our upset behaviour has been explained and our instinctive all-loving soul can reconcile with our conscious mind's need for understanding, love will prevail!)


July 2021

I recently heard the tragic news that once again another young person has taken their own life in Northern New Zealand. Unfortunately this happens all too often.

Counsellors, schools, social workers, medical professionals and so on, are all doing their best to support these young people but are becoming quite overwhelmed by the sheer volume.

There is a massive increase in eating disorders, sexual dysphoria, drug use, vaping, bullying, sexual violence, and particularly, anxiety and depression. I have never found anything in all my study, seminars, workshops or reading that even comes close to giving any real answers. Everything is a stop gap measure, even though it is well meaning and done with the best of intentions.

In just one essay, Jeremy Griffith has explained everything about what is going on for young people and why they are struggling so much. Freedom Essay 30 has made much of my previous learning redundant, and yet, it has made it so much easier to understand what is going on and hence enable an empathy I might never have felt previously.

The usual response in my profession is to do more training, undertake more study, hire more people or work harder. Yet the work just keeps escalating.

While doing all this, the answer is staring us in the face and it is all freely available on the WTM Website. It is the only real hope that young people in the future will never have to endure such hopelessness, despair, anxiety, depression or confusion and can live a life that is completely free of the human condition. I encourage you to take a look.

A collage of a teen holding their head in mental angst, hiding face their face in despair and looking sad wearing a hoodie

May 2021

It’s been four years since I saw a link to the WTM online and for some unknown reason clicked onto it. That was the start of a fascinating, and at times, challenging journey which is ongoing. Something which has both intrigued me, while at the same time perplexed or challenged me, is how different people respond to the ideas in Jeremy Griffith’s book FREEDOM.

There are some who simply breathe a huge sigh of relief and take comfort. Others quietly absorb the information and without realising it, change as they go along. Many others are so excited by what they have discovered that they cannot help but shout out from the rooftops.

Gosh I have spent some time trying to work out why we respond so differently and often asked if I was missing something because I tend to be one of the quiet ones. After some quite difficult weeks this year I came to the realisation that there are going to be all sorts of differences in responses because of individual, gender and cultural experiences and that is ok.

What really matters is that the whole human race gets this information so that we turn back from the precipice of terminal destruction and we heal the planet. I think we would all like to believe that our future generations will live in a much better world than we do at present. And I do believe that this information is what’s needed to achieve that outcome.

Illustration of Humanity's Journey from Ignorance to Enlightenment

March 2021

I was recently given an interesting book to read which was published in 2000 and titled ‘The Tipping Point’ by Malcolm Gladwell. On the back cover of the book is the following paragraph:

‘The Tipping Point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behaviour crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. Just as a single sick person can start an epidemic of the flu [example - Covid], so too can a small but precisely targeted push cause a fashion trend, the popularity of a new product, or a drop in the crime rate. This bestselling book, in which Malcolm Gladwell brilliantly illuminates the tipping point phenomenon, is already changing the way people throughout the world think about selling products and disseminating ideas.’

What I read so far relates perfectly to what is happening with the ideas about the Human Condition that the WTM has worked so hard to have heard over the past 40 years.

Gladwell describes the three characteristics of this phenomenon as: 1. Contagiousness; 2. The fact that little causes can have big effects; and 3. That change happens not gradually but at one dramatic moment.

The Tipping Point is this last stage when everything changes in that dramatic moment.

From what I am observing at present more and more people are looking for answers to all the tumult around them and are finding these answers in the work of the WTM. It seems that the contagiousness phase may not be far off and with all the little causes working together, the world will hit Tipping Point and Freedom at last! (See Freedom Essay 40 for a thorough explanation of this day and the joy awaiting all humans).

Ball on a tip representing the tipping point


While I sit and enjoy reading Chapter 9 of FREEDOM on one of Northland’s stunning beaches, I can’t help but wonder at how fortunate I am to live here and also to have found such transformative information as contained in this book. Having been inspired by other WTM members to focus on this chapter it has continued to be a revelation. So much so I have reread some paragraphs several times to enable the significance to sink in. I have been lucky enough to have been able to read this book easily and therefore the following extracts have been rather profound:

“It should also be said that if you are one of the rare people who find it relatively easy to read, access and absorb all the immensely human-condition confronting insights in this book- someone who is fortunate enough to be relatively secure in self- you have a special responsibility to help support and promote these understandings that are the only thing that can save humanity from tortuous extinction. Clearly, at this great transition point in the human journey where the human race changes from living in denial to living honestly, those who can make this transition most easily have a special responsibility to make sure that the initial inclination of many who want to maintain denial of these insights doesn't prevail.”

And: “It has always been important for those who have the good fortune to be secure in self to stand up and give leadership, but at this moment of immense paradigm shift it is critically important that they do so.” (Paragraph 1195)

This is a rather powerful call to action for many of us who may rather wait and see what happens rather than step up and be counted.

Doug Gibbs reading FREEDOM on beach


Bike on forest track

I find that hopping on my MTB and heading into local forest tracks for a couple of hours gives me time to reflect and think about my understanding of how the Human condition affects my own life.

Over the past few weeks I have witnessed the effects of people taking off the mask of civility and causing distress for others.

Bike on forest track

Despite having an understanding of the upset that 2 million years of being afflicted with the Human Condition causes, it can still be difficult to refrain from getting angry or frustrated with this behaviour and the effects it has on people.

While it can be a struggle on a day to day basis, it nonetheless makes it even more imperative that the information in FREEDOM becomes widespread. Only then can everyone put down their masks, breathe a huge sigh of relief and get on with living selflessly and harmoniously with each other.

The 4 NZ centre founders have been meeting up online every 2 weeks and have already engaged in some wonderful robust discussions about the information contained in FREEDOM.


Resignation (see Freedom Essay 30) and the struggles children and adolescents grapple with as they try to make sense of adult behaviour or the world around them, have been challenging yet wonderful learning over the past month.

I recently caught up with Greg who is starting a WTM centre in the Bay of Islands where we discussed this period in our own lives where we just could not get any answers from adults.

This period could be, and often was, distressing, frustrating and bewildering. Like most people we mostly gave up and tried to make our way the best we could. However both of us kept wondering if there were any real answers.

A significant proportion, if not all, of the issues I come across in my work with young people can be tracked back to adult behaviour. Having an awareness that all adults are heroes of humanity’s search for understanding is vital when faced with the effects of such behaviour on children.

Stumbling across the work of Jeremy Griffith has been a revelation and now I am being asked many of the same questions I asked by some of the young lads who come to see me in my role as a counsellor. It has been of great relief in two ways. Firstly they have finally found an adult who is willing to discuss these profound questions, and secondly, that I have at least some way of giving them some hope that there are answers.

I have to thank the WTM and Jeremy for this gift. The Freedom Essay on Resignation has become a cornerstone of understanding the dilemmas young people are dealing with as they approach adulthood.

Teen depression collage

JULY 2020

I recently travelled up to the Bay of Islands to cycle on the Twin Coast Cycle Trail and catch up with Greg Bray who has been studying the information in FREEDOM. We discovered that we have both come across this wonderful life changing work of Jeremy Griffith’s after searching for answers for much of our lives.

Twin Coast Cycle Trail

Greg will be starting a WTM Centre in the Bay of Islands which, along with the original centre in Auckland, and the new Wellington Centre, gives us four in New Zealand.

If I ever need motivation to support the work of the WTM I only need to go to work each day where I sit face to face with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, self-harm, bullying and the like. As more and more people come to understand that the Human Condition has been solved, less and less children will have to resign and live under the duress of this condition and no longer will I feel like a Catcher in the Rye as written by J. D Salinger.

The following passage is taken from Freedom Essay 30, in which Jeremy explains how The Catcher in The Rye is about the dream of the human condition one day being solved: “Appreciably then, in what forms the key passage in The Catcher in the Rye (indeed, it provides the meaning behind the book’s enigmatic title), Salinger has Holden Caulfield dreaming of a time when this absolute horror, indeed obscenity, of Resignation will no longer have to form an unavoidable part of human life: ‘I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody’s around — nobody big, I mean — except me. And I’m standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff — I mean if they’re running and they don’t look where they’re going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That’s all I do all day. I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it’s crazy, but that’s the only thing I’d really like to be.’”

Catcher in the Rye