Doug Gibbs, founder of the World Transformation Movement Whangarei, smiling

Doug Gibbs holds a Bachelor of Business Studies in Agribusiness from Massey University, a Master’s in Counselling with First Class Hons from Waikato University, and is a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors. In his capacity as a counsellor, Doug has worked for a non-government organisation and is presently Head of Student Support at a local secondary boys’ school in Northland.

Before pursuing his studies in counselling, Doug travelled extensively and enjoyed a wide and varied career, including a decade in the mining industry (alumina refining) in Western Australia. He also owned a bakery and was self-employed in the building industry.

Doug is married and lives in Whangarei. He enjoys cycling (both road and mountain terrain), motorcycling, surfing and the outdoors, and has a long interest and fascination with personal development and human behaviour.

“Having this much bigger and much deeper level of understanding of what is actually going on in the world and why people act the way they do is incredibly helpful for myself and for my work.” Doug Gibbs

In his work as Head of Student Support, Doug provides counselling to boys aged between 14 and 18 and so deals with the undeniable consequences of our species’ psychologically troubled human condition on a daily basis, so being able to finally understand the source of that condition, and its resolution, has been invaluable to him. In particular, Jeremy’s explanation of ‘Resignation’ has allowed him to understand the despairing process that teenagers go through as a result of attempting to face down not only the imperfection of the human-condition-stricken world around them, but of the imperfection of their own behaviour.

You can read about the psychological process of Resignation here.

“I have been working as a counsellor for the past three years and Oh My Goodness, if you want to live amongst angst, anger, violence and alienation, plus watch children trying to deal with adult behaviour and see Resignation happening, this is the place to do it!” Doug Gibbs

Group of teenagers sitting on a wall